Sunday, August 6, 2017

July Family Update: Anna Ruth is 11 Months!

July was a fun summer month for us!  It was full of firsts, lasts, long days, traditions, sibling arguments, celebrations, siblings playing well together, morning walks, swimming, etc.!  Jimmy began on staff as an attending physician and left behind all his years of training...we couldn't believe it!  It was a long work month for him as July is the first transition month in academic medicine, so he worked long days which resulted in mommy being a little crazy by kid bed times, some days.  Mostly though, it was a beautiful summer month where we got out of the house and did so much together.  Enjoy the picture journey.

Things Anna does:
-says "dada" all day long
-eats just about anything with her 8 teeth
-shakes her head no (which really looks like a confusion of yes and no cute)
-gives the stank face
-pulls up to her knees on most things
-laughs at her siblings (especially when peek a boo is involved)
-tells the dogs "no no" when they come near her food 

Anna Ruth is 11 months old!

Grace @ 11 months

Grace was freaking walking at this age...crazy!  Anna is crawling and it's adorable.

Wesley @ 11 months

4th of July
Flashback to the 4th of July parade when the girls were 2, I believe.

We have met the Kittners at this 4th of July parade for the past 4 years, I do believe.  I LOVE traditions and seeing these cute kids grow.  I mean, the first one we ever did together was with TWO kids.  What a piece of cake, right?  ;)  We also had our annual cookout and who knows where I put that picture!

Wesley was in the truck zone!

Cul de sac "fireworks"...they weren't impressive to us but the kids Grace and Wesley kind of thought it was magical, so there you go.  

One of those mornings when after the fiftieth, "Mommy!" and who knows how many questions I say, "OKAY.  Go read some books and give mommy a second to breathe!"  So they set up a "reading fort" and sit there for 8 minutes.  Haha, it was longer than that...I'll give that to them.  They do love books and that does make my heart swell.

Story and dance time at the local library

Someone is getting big!

Bookmarks is a new bookstore in town and we had the pleasure of attending the grand opening AND sat behind the author of a read aloud.  Dump Truck Duck is a new favorite of ours and the author lives in Winston-Salem!

Morning selfie


New and one of our favorite parks, now!

Dentist visit: Wesley had the best report BY FAR.  And he made sure to announce that when Jimmy arrived home that day.  Mommy and Grace need to floss better.  I'll take that one.

Watching either Paw Patrol or PJ Masks

Pool time with the Watki clan.  Even though Kim and I were significantly outnumbered, everyone did a great job and it was actually enjoyable!  (Graeme not pictured)

Crawling on slick surfaces is tricky!

From Anesthesiology News, an anesthesia magazine that covered Jimmy's new research project (one of many!).  Proud of all his hard work...over 2 years of work and it looks like he will soon be published as well.  That's pretty impressive if you ask me!

There was a terrible storm one afternoon (while we were at the pool and missed the thick of it) and when we arrived home the power was off.  We decided ice cream was on the menu for was going to melt anyways, right?

Overnight trip to Huntersville
We were supposed to have an overnight girls trip including kids but two of the four were't able to make it due to work and sickness, so I still decided to take the kids and visit Liz.  Liz and I were roommates in college and have been close since!  We have 5 kids between the 2 of us!

Duck Donuts on our way out of town!  Such a fun visit and the kids did a great job for us.

Splash pad with the Orsborn clan

Bless her sweet self..she clearly slept on her hands this afternoon.  She woke up happy as a clam and then I noticed the red finger marks.

Morning walk: Normally Grace walks as well and Wesley rides but I guess he was being a gentleman this morning.  And by gentleman I mean he walked half a block and decided it was Grace's turn to walk.

Dinosaur eggs for the WIN!  I saw this online somewhere...see picture below.

You can put a small toy inside the balloons and fill them up with water.  Then put them in the freezer overnight.  Once completely frozen, cut off the balloons and VOILA, dinosaur eggs!

Round 2

Escalator cuteness at the mall

Library play time

A little celebration for Jimmy getting his first "big boy" paycheck.  Thank you Kittners :)

Yup.  Long month.  

Way cool for a little boy...not so cool for the person whose house burnt down.

July Family Birthdays in Columbia

Waking up from naps is just tough

Uncle Linton and baby Anna

Happy birthday to Memere and Uncle Linton

Cuteness: Anna @ 11 months

Grace @ 11 months

Wesley @ 11 months

Anna is looking more different than their baby pictures each month! 

The problem with your kids seeing the "finds" from Fall consignment shopping...they want to wear it in the Summer.

Wesley, Anna, and Lorelei hanging at the Children's Museum.  Grace did all day camp there this past week and Lorelei and Wesley did the half day camp.  Super fun!

Anna at the beginning of the month when she had just began piecing together the art of crawling.

Mid-dance party, Grace asks Wesley to dance with her and this is their rendition of "couples" dancing.  It's pretty funny.  

Grace, singing

Wesley, singing