Sunday, July 15, 2018

June Family Update 2018

June was a super fun month!!  School ended, several children became ill but healed, 4 of us attended a beautiful wedding, Jimmy was given an incredible award, mommy accepted an amazing full-time position, and we had our annual family beach trip.  The beach trip is going to be in a separate post but enjoy this month's update!!

This was our reward after the end of one rough sick week.  Anna had a fever so I took her in to the doctor and in the middle of her appointment Wesley had to run to the bathroom because his "tummy hurt".  I'm just thankful we made it home because he ended up with the stomach bug.  Every time Wesley got sick he would be in the middle of sleeping and would just sit up and get sick e v e r y w h e r e.  #momlife  I wouldn't want anyone else taking care of my babies so I'm grateful that I was in a flexible job and could miss work.  I don't remember if Grace ended up getting sick or not...I don't think she did this time!

Caroline and Thomas are both in our church small group and we were invited to their backyard wedding which was just lovely.  We got a babysitter for Anna Ruth.

Sunday brunch cuties

I caught Jessie off guard here requesting a picture but I HAD to get one!  I can't tell you all enough how much we love this teacher and friend.  She's the most patient soul I've ever met and loved Grace so well this school year.  She loved all the kiddos equally and that's the mark of a caring educator!  It was a challenging year at times, but we all made it through!  LOVE YOU, Jessie.

My mom had some serious sympathy on us after our sick week and offered to take Wesley and Anna for a WHOLE WEEK!  Well, she offered to take all the kiddos but Grace had golf and her last day of school so we kept her with us.  Grace and I got to have some serious girl time and it was so nice to spend quality time with her!

Spontaneous photo booth opportunity

Mellow Mushroom, her request.

Toenails, mommy's request

Incredibles 2 just the 3 of us

Retirement party for 3 educators at work...they will be missed and it was a truly sweet time of stories.  I will miss this crew of people that I have worked with for the past 3 years!  I recently accepted a job called an Early Learning Coach/Partner with the school system.  It's a grand funded position in which myself and two other coaches will work in different schools to focus on the kindergarten teachers.  We will be supporting and coaching in the classrooms and it's just a dream job for me right now!  Next year I'll get to work with first grade teachers.  It's a great opportunity and I feel like a great fit for myself, professionally, but also for our family with some flexibility involved.

Golden Apple Award Recipient!
Jimmy was voted and awarded the Golden Apple Award for teaching resident anesthesiologists!  All the residents vote on this each year and to say that I'm proud of Jimmy for receiving this in his first year as an attending physician is an understatement.  So proud!

The past few years we have met up with the Kittners before the end of year banquet.  This year: The Porch.  Those margaritas...yum!

My date

The Kittners, our framily :)

Lake Party for Jimmy's department

Thanks Doug for taking Grace on her first jet ski ride! 

Dan Nicholas Park with the James crew

My little priss

Gem mining

Liz and Violet

It was toasty by the time we headed out but a perfect meeting spot for both families!  It was about 45 minutes for each of us.  

Grace (in the chair under a cover) and Wesley (under the grill cover there to the right) have been trying to catch a bird for some time.  Yeah.  

Splash pad with the Hooper family

Mall walking and cookies

Grace's golf tournament

My company in the golf cart as we rode around to the different holes to watch Grace.  It's hard keeping these three fed and quiet on a golf course!  Fortunately Jimmy is normally the one that brings Grace.

I don't normally do selfies BUT this was right before my call-back interview for an amazing job I was offered and accepted this month!!!  I'm going to be one of three Early Learning Coaches/Partners in the school system.  I'll be working with several schools and focusing on kindergarten teachers for this first year of implementation (it's a new position and grant funded) and then first grade teachers in year two.  I cannot express how excited I am especially after finding full time day care at a great place.  It was a long process but I truly feel that a miracle was worked out...thank you Lord! I start July 16 so prayers are in order for all the new changes our family is about to undergo.

Pool time with the Kittner crew

Thank you Rachel for letting Grace come play while I finished up work!

Thank Mr. Mike for taking Grace for the day so I could finish up work!


Grace plays for a PGA Juniors league and has golf tournaments almost every Tuesday.  I had to haul all three of them out to the course, lather everyone up, load up on a golf cart, and keep Anna AND Wesley not only quiet during the 9 holes but also keep track of them as we drove to each hole.  It was exhausted.  But then Grace hit this shot on the third hole and I thought, "Wow, she's really good and she really seems to enjoy this".  That made it worth it!

Anna's infamous onion tasting video.  If you haven't seen it before, it's totally worth the laugh.  I told her, "Anna, that's an probably won't like that"  And she, being our most stubborn and spunky child decided to prove me wrong, I think?

I teared up multiple times during the taping of this video.  Grace's school did a talent show for the younger ones this year when they normally just offer it to the older grades.  She kept telling me all these things she was going to do but settled on singing a song from The Greatest Showman.  She practiced herself and I could just cry tears of joy watching this over and over.  

Trampoline maddness, or normalcy.  Wesley did get in trouble for that last part.  They aren't allowed to jump hard or near Anna like that because she would get hurt.  ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

May 2018 Family Update

I've fallen more behind that normal on my monthly blog apologies!  Summer has been full of changes in our household as I'm about to transition to a truly amazing full-time position in the school system.  More updates on that one later.  May feels like a distant memory at this point...let's just take a picture walk!

The Children's Home (Crossnore, now) has a wonderful strawberry patch for picking!  We met up with the Hillers to pick some berries and play a little.

Anna walked in with me to pay for the berries and the ladies just laughed.  I told them to go ahead and add half a gallon to whatever I was buying but they insisted it was normal for kiddos to sample as they pick.  Anna didn't pick,  Next time I'll think about a better outfit choice that doesn't look like she bled everywhere.

May the 4th be with you!  Grace's school spring fling this year was on May 4th and, duh, a Star Wars theme.  

Snow cones

We went out to eat downtown after the spring fling and then walked around some.  I love this town!!

Birthday party celebrating Ansley!

Harper and Anna Ruth

Happy Birthday Reagan!

Just because

Miss Katryn is one of our favorites!  She started babysitting several years ago and has become quite the regular during the school year.  She has one more year of college and then will be leaving us!  She recently (as of May) became engaged and we were so excited to celebrate her birthday!

My Mother's Day gift :)  The bag, not the wallet.  You know you're a mom when you get excited about cute diaper bags.  It's actually a kid book bag but it can be used as a diaper bag.  

A pretty magical evening with our friends! 

These girls just work well together!

Loving on daddy

Jimmy was gone for a weekend for a conference, I think.  This helped soften the blow.

Grace's buddy from school broke her arm so we were able to stop in to visit post-surgery.  Tough girl!

Rehearsal dinner selfie

Pre-wedding selfie

Oh how I love this group of people!  We were in a fellowship group through church for many years and I miss that time SO much!  We were all able to attend Erin and Jimmy's wedding.

These girls :)

Thank you everyone for helping to host a surprise party for Shadeeya!  We got her!

Doctor check-up for Grace and look at this little nut!  

<3 p="">
Our fellowship group from this past school year.  We sent off the Antonelles as Mike matched into a residency up north.  Love these people!

Grace had a school performance and Timmy, Joshua, and aunt Lulu came to surprise her with flowers!  So sweet!

Just another day at the Kittners' house!


A snapshot of the dinner table with these crazies

I almost didn't share but it's real life, so I decided to.  We love Mrs. Aileen @ the Sticht Center.  She taught Grace to swim last year and I told her I just need Wesley to NOT drown.  He may not learn to swim fully, but he needs to be able to fall in the water and survive...especially since I have Anna to keep up with.  He struggled in this video BUT he knows what to do when falling in the pool!  Success.


Jimmy and I became huge fans of the movie, The Greatest Showman.  We let the kids watch it and they agreed.  We played the soundtrack over and over for them so much so, that Wesley would belt the lyrics and then Grace would be screaming at him to, "stop singing so loud!"