Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring Break 2017

We got to visit my parents in Columbia, SC for a long weekend during Spring Break and it was nice to get out of town!  It was also nice to see their newly renovated kitchen.  We love going to Memere and Pepere's house ;)

One of my best friends that I've known since elementary school had her second child during our Spring Break.  I was able to surprise her at the hospital :)  Welcome to the world sweet Anderson!

There she goes again...climbing those trees!

My sweet babies

Swinging with Pepere

Van wash!

"happy birthday to you!"

One of my favorites EVER of Pepere and one of his grands

Easter egg hunt!

When we returned home from our trip, Grace woke up with eyes like the above picture.  Looked like pink eye and they were able to call in some drops (bonus: not having to take 3 kids to the doctor)

The next morning her eyes looked like this!  Had to take them all in for this one...they called in a different prescription and that worked wonders.  Guess she just had a reaction to the first drops!  We spent the rest of Spring Break cooped up to make sure she didn't spread to anyone and she was healed up just in time for her birthday!

A friend posted for ideas about Easter traditions and liturgy and it spurred me into finding this idea to create an Easter tree for lent. 

I created an ornament for each week of lent and then several for the days leading up to Easter.

Kids helped with the decorations

Easter Sunday

Easter tree final product

Easter egg hunt with our family of neighbors

Aunt Lulu (Lindsay Cloer) strikes again!  What started as a 6 month photo shoot (a month late because of mommy) for Anna turned into one for all the kiddos.  I treasure these!

Anna Ruth

Perfectly captured

This one too :)  Thank you aunt Lulu!!

April Family Update: Anna Ruth is 8 months old!

Anna banana @ 8 months

Grace @ 8 months

Wesley @ 8 months

Backyard "before" project

And the "after"!  We have a patio out back but when it gets warm outside (and mosquitos come into town) we can't really hang outside much.  It's nice to have a covered outside area, now!  Thanks for putting it together, daddy!  It has bug nets, lights, AND a fan ;)

It took awhile to put it together so we hung outside with daddy.


Someone's third quarter report card was AMAZING!  We celebrated :)

Ellory and Grace have been friends since birth!  Kim asked if we wanted to go to a fairy tales show together and we had a blast!

The puppets in the show were amazing!

Grace almost lost it when she saw the owls.

This boy and this girl are just adorable.  He can make her laugh better than anyone!

Children's museum with my little love

If there's anything Grace keeps an eye out for, it's good climbing trees!

Just a boy...exploring in the woods...with a stick

We found this beauty with a crumpled up wing.  

Grace lost her third tooth this month!  She pulled it out all on her own.

Daddy daughter time :)

Breakfast some mornings...

Grace's school Spring Fling was a lot of fun!

Tons of rainy you just go outside and play in it!

Smiley chunk!

Phenomenal big sis 

A ninja turtle has to sleep sometimes!

Our family of 5 on Anna's baptism day

Grateful my parents were able to come up for Anna's baptism!

THANK YOU to my friend, Mary Ross, for taking pictures at the baptism!  Sweet Anna was looking at everyone like, "whoa...where am I?"

Thank you pastor Ben for baptizing our baby girl!  May the Lord bless you and keep you sweet girl.

I heard Jimmy playing peek a boo with Anna and her hysterical giggle so I tried to capture it on video...she changed her mind about the giggling :)

Wesley was having fun with an empty box and decided to try to scare Anna...again...and again.  He got her every single time and it was adorable!