Saturday, April 7, 2018

March 2018 Family Update (a.k.a: Mommy's birthday month!)

Happy March!  It was a happy March in our household mostly due to the fact that it was mommy's birthday month!  Birthdays are a big deal in our family...I just love celebrating them so much.  Jimmy and I were able to get away for a kid-free (thanks mom and dad!) weekend to the mountains and lots of chocolate was involved.  Spring Break began at the end of March, so I'll include that in next month's post.  I don't even want to TALK about how we missed more school because of snow.  Ugh.  Praying Spring is upon us for real.

Turner-Kittner kiddos minus Anna, playing golf (i.e. mostly eating and talking in their dads' back swings)

Grace before her first First Tee golf lesson.  ::Brag moment::  So, at her second golf lesson there was a little chipping competition where the kids were chipping a golf ball and seeing who got closest to the hole.  There was Grace (6) and about 6 other 7-9 year old boys.  Guess who won?  Yep, little Grace.  Jimmy said he had to completely contain himself because they teach sportsmanship in these sessions and he couldn't make a scene.  He was making a scene on the inside!  We're proud of her and pray she continues to enjoy golf and to try her hardest.

Wesley with the family dogs...they aren't featured enough

Anna's "Oh wait, this thing moves?" face

Cookies at the mall

School pictures and all the melted heart/heart eyes over here

Perfect depiction of our sweet and sassy Anna Ruth

More snow=more days of school in the summer

We did have a lazy day and the kids event spent some time making an Easter painting for family members

Grace helped me write "He is Risen" at the top and then the kids signed them.  Thanks Jessie for the inspiration!

Grace's recent module at school has been birds and she has been impressing us with her knowledge of them!  Here's her "robin" picture.

One of Wesley's class pictures.  He's going to marry Lorelei (to the right of him in the picture) and they are going to have 99 babies, right Kim?  

What happens when you ask Daddy to snuggle: Part 1.

Part 2

We've seen lots of bunnies around here lately.  Grace got so close to this one...she's our little animal lover.

We made it to the new library downtown!

We are so grateful Grace has turned into a little bookworm.  She will sit just about anywhere and get soaked up in a book.  She is flying through them so thank goodness for libraries!!  Her current favorite series are: The Princess in Black, Magic Tree House, and Goosebumps (I wasn't ready for the scary ones until like 3rd grade, lol...gave me nightmares).

Literacy night at school with Grace's buddy, Indigo Rose

Hello airB&B kitchen in Blowing Rock, NC

We visited the brewery in downtown Blowing Rock

View from the hot tub

Thank you, Jimmy, for loving me well and making me feel special on my 32nd trip around the sun!

St. Patty's Day Fun

Green lunches because I can't help myself

I read a book to Grace's class and brought a fun snack where the kiddos made things out of cereal and marshmallows.

St. Patty's Day dinner at the club with the Kittners

Just adorable

What you can usually find the older girls doing nowadays


A shot of Grace hitting some balls

Follow-up martial arts session @ home

Jimmy went to grab some pizza on my birthday in the mountains and came back with a birthday cake surprise!  Thank you for loving me so well, babe :)

My mom and dad so graciously came and stayed at our house to watch the kiddos while Jimmy and I got away for a few nights.  Thank you!!  When Jimmy and I returned, there was another birthday celebration to be had!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

February 2018: A Sane-ish Month

I have to begin by thanking everyone who reached out to me after last month's post.  I like to be emotionally raw here because this blog is something we love to look back on and I hope the kids will be able to do the same.  I want to remember the good, the bad, and the ugly!  I have this blog printed in book form once a year as well to have and it's very special to us.  We love you all!

February was the most laid back month of this year....haha, and only the 2nd month of the year, at that.  Mommy got away for a short girls' reunion with college buddies, we had some good quality family time, Anna spent more time in time out than probably most 18 month olds, we celebrated the Olympics beginning, and celebrated others!  Check out the videos @ the end...Anna in rare form.

Anna Ruth turned 18 months this month!!  Here are some comparison pictures:

Anna @ 18 months

Anna @ 18 months

Grace @ 18 monhts

Wesley @ 18 months

*Clearly they had a lot more hair than Anna...straight or curly?  We shall see!

Family time @ Kalideium North (I think)

Friday is Family Movie Night!

Me: "Good girl Anna, stay on your bottom on the bench"

I turn away for a second
Me: "Anna Ruth, no ma'am!"

...and she proceeds to climb on the table.  That's Anna for you!

Anna got sick one afternoon and fortunately it didn't turn into anything worse, but she was still quarantined to her bed.  Sissy to the rescue with a book!  Anna was so MAD...can you tell?  Grateful she healed quickly!

A sweet note from one of Grace's friends

Olympic games ready!  I promised them they could watch the opening ceremony with me.  WHY??  Why did I promise that?  Lesson learned...the opening ceremony is longer than a Disney movie and way past bed time.


Family fit night @ Grace's school: in the gym dancing

Valentine's Day!  I can't help myself...Holidays are my FAVORITE!

Matching cuties thanks to Aunt Lulu!

One of the best Valentine's cards I've been sweet from one of my first grade readers!

Ice cream fun

The story of a 4 year old boy

Joshua and Anna, cruising the neighborhood

Celebrating Harper turning 5!

Girls' getaway!  Best friends since college, starting in 2004!

My sweet Wesley man started martial arts a pieces of me melted away after Jimmy sent this picture to me.

Anna thinks her name is "Annie" and it's pretty cute

Wesley singing "Scars to your beautiful" by Alessa Cara.  It's one of his favorites and please excuse my singing...his is pretty cute.  His version is "The Skies are more beautiful"

Anna playing the recorder