Saturday, November 11, 2017

October Family Update 2017: Honest confessions, pictures, and some videos @ the end!

October is certifiably the busiest month of the year for our family.  I know I say each month is busy, but October takes the cake...for so many reasons.  We have 2 family birthdays (Wesley and Jimmy), Wake Forest football begins, after school activities are in full swing, Open House night happens at both Grace's and the younger kiddos' schools, get the picture.  Mid-October I felt like I was drowning, to be really honest.  Now that it's November 10, I can finally sit down and "relax" to write my October update.

One thing I need to be up front about is that I have never been an anxious or easily overwhelmed person.  I just haven't struggled with that.  However, this past October I felt moments of this overwhelming-ness (is that a word?) that I just couldn't explain.  I would tell Jimmy, "I feel like I can't keep things together...the laundry, dishes, food..." and that's even with his help.  After many days of telling him this he asked me a simple question, "Have you been reading your bible?" My instinctive answer in my head was defensive.  How dare he ask me that?  Of course I think spending time in the word is important...but...but guess what?  The honest answer was no.  I was so focused on daily lunches, transportation, appointments, cooking dinner, changing diapers, and refereeing arguments that I surely wasn't making time for the Lord.  Then I realized, if I was being truthful with myself, I also wasn't setting a very Godly example for my children with my reactions to all the busy-ness.  I was easily frustrated, raised my voice often, nagged everyone, ignored things I shouldn't, and was just on edge.  That is what hurt the lack of setting a foundation in the Lord for my children.  So, here are some things I must do:

1. I must make time to spend in God's word.  No rushing through it or giving Him my leftovers.
2. I must make time to rest.  It's okay for the laundry to be sitting in the dryer for the second day in a row.  That's what the fluff setting is for, right?  It's okay for there to be dirty dishes sitting out for umpteenth day.  I made scones tonight because I wanted to bake.  They are not great, but that's also okay.  Carving out time like this to either sit and do nothing or to plan something out that I'd like to do are so necessary and healthy for me.
3. I must ASK FOR HELP.  I used to be terrible at this and it still isn't a strength of mine, but I'm getting better at it.  I shouldn't assume that my husband or anyone else knows how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking.  Just about any time I ask my husband to help, he's happy to do it...dishes, laundry, etc.  Why do I put all the pressure on myself?  I must stop.
4. I must say NO.  This is something I've tried to be intentional about since school began.  There are events that we love going to, parties we would never want to miss, but life with three little ones is just unpredictable so sometimes I have to say no.  Sometimes we just need to be home and to rest.  I recognize everyone may not understand that and that's okay, but we do appreciate those that assume our best intentions and understand when we need to take some time as a family.

Thankful for a husband that tells it how it is and for a gracious Lord that forgives us all when we screw up!  I'd love some prayer for the above issues and hope that this blog post can be of some encouragement.

Happy birthday to daddy!  This picture above is a little tradition I've continued over the past several years.  I've got one of Grace in this spot with her broken arm, holding a happy birthday sign; I have one of just Grace and Wesley, and now all three kiddos.

Umi with some friends for the birthday boy

You know we aren't going to leave a Japanese restaurant on someone's birthday without me letting the staff know about it.

Happy birthday at home

The Fair
Our trip to the Fair was a spontaneous one this year.  We kind of planned to go the day of and it just so happened to work out that we got to meet the Fowlers there!  The Fair is one of my favorite ways to waste money, lol.  

Jimmy won both kids a giant stuffed Paw Patrol figure that will probably disintegrate by Christmas.  

The Fowlers

Grace and Abby on the teacup

Wesley helped me bake one of my friendship bread batches

Fall is in the air and so is the smell of chocolate friendship bread.  I used to think my mom was crazy for baking every 10 days from Halloween until Christmas, essentially.  Then I realized how therapeutic it was and how I love blessing people with these loaves as holiday gifts.

Mommy's weekend getaway to Waco, Texas!
This all started out as a joke.  I had visiting Waco, Texas and the Magnolia Silos on my bucket list since the show aired the episodes of building the properties.  I just LOVE Fixer Upper.  So when it magically worked out for myself, Mary Ross, Erin, and Leslie to go WITHOUT kids for the Silo-bration, we were all pumped.  I may have giggled spontaneously alll weekend.  We had SUCH a good time.  Thank you Leslie for organizing a few free places to stay!  We spent one day in Dallas and one day in Waco.

Real tex-mex

A real live bull!  We were tickled by this random bull at some event.

A blow-dry your hair bar.  Mimosa, someone washing, drying, and styling your hair?  Yes, please!  The lady asked me where we were headed afterwards...."Um, we are heading home to go to sleep..."  lol.  Truth.

Cute place and LOVELY idea.  So much fun!

Erin and and snagged a picture with Jo's mom!

Artisan fair by day and Johnny Swim concern by night

Chip and Joanna came on stage to talk for some time.  Jimmy Don, Shorty, and Clint also spoke (from Fixer Upper).

Our little big girl

That moment when you step away to check on dinner and forget you left the yogurt in front of your 1 year old.  

Triton Catering, y'all!  Please use my girlfriend, Deandra, for any catering needs.  She made Wesley's birthday cookie cake and it was incredible.  It looked beautiful and tasted it as well.

Wesley asked to have his party at the Children's Museum this year

Birthday breakfast: Krispy Kreme

He's 4

Good daddy, putting together new toys

All 3 enjoying Wesley's pop-up tent

Hawk's pumpkin patch; our 7th trip!

Walking mummy-style

Our home fellowship group meets on Tuesday evenings.  We had a social night and decided to have a pumpkin carving contest.  The cat with the butt hole won.  Look for yourself.  

Buddy had a nice meeting with the concrete outside.  He has healed up nicely, though.

"Mommy, will you take our picture?"

Tooth #7


A teacher can't help but to bring some centers to keep the kids out of our hair for about 10 minutes, lol.

Our tailgating crew!  First time we've all tailgated together and it was lovely.  Great people and company.

Girls' morning: Grace was the only one off school for the day but due to a plumbing emergency that would have gotten me to work late, I decided to take the day with Grace.  Manicures, cupcakes, and grocery shopping.

Our new friends, the Hoopers, have come over for dinner a few times now.  Their daughter, Nariah, is a crazy talented artist.  She was giving Grace some step by step lessons.

 Halloween Festivities
Trunk or treat event at the Children's Museum; it was awesome!

Grace dressed as a veterinarian for Community Day close to Halloween.

Timmy joined us for our traditional Halloween cookie making.  Made my nana's butter cookies.

Little old lady!

Iron man, a vampire, and a good witch

I wanted to leave candy out while we walked around our neighborhood.  I also left a nice note ;)

Thank  you to my friend, Susannah, better known at "Jack's mom" for taking this video at Wesley's birthday party.

Happy birthday breakfast to our little man who is now 4!

When I feel like I'm about to lose my mind with these crazies, I must also remember that I'll truly miss this.  And, they kind of are a funny when they are nutty.