Tuesday, July 11, 2017

First and Last Days of School Pictures 2016-2017

You know how everyone was posting those cute first and last day of school pictures when school actually ended...like a month ago?  Well, I just now got around to actually taking the "last day of school" pictures.  Shhh, better late than never!

1st day of Kindergarten

Last-ish day of Kindergarten

1st day of 2 year old pre-school

Last-ish day of 2 year old pre-school
This looks more like a mug shot than a milestone picture :)

Joint first day of school picture

Joint last-ish day of school picture (from the beach...which was actually much closer to the last day of school than July)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

June Family Update and Anna is 10 Months!

June was very big for us.  Grace finished kindergarten, mommy finished work for the school year, Jimmy graduated his last time EVER, we went to the beach, etc. etc.  A big month!  Enjoy the picture diary of June starting with a throw back video.

I found this video of Wesley @ 10 months when I was searching for throwbacks

Anna Ruth is 10 months old!
Grace @ 10 months
Wesley @ 10 months

Grace @ 10 months
Anna @ 10 months

Wesley @ 10 months and Grace 
These two ladies were amazing teachers to Grace this year!  Kindergarten was an amazing year...Grace grew (not physically, lol) so much and had the best support system at school.  I'm so happy to be able to work there as well.
Memere came to help with the littles since they got out of pre-school but Grace still had school and mommy had to work.  We went to the pool one afternoon.

Children's Museum fun

3 loves

I set Anna in her crib to play and came back to find her pulled up like this!  Time to lower the crib.  Their game of peek a boo was adorable.

Father's Day.  Not sure where the picture is of Jimmy actually opening them ;)
Grace received the "Dove Chocolate Bar Award" for always being a peacemaker and helping her friends to get along.  

"Jesus wuvs me this I know!"  

Sweet, chubby, and bald baby
Grace's bath shot @ 10 months

Pool days with the Kittner crew
Summer has begun!
Final graduation.  EVER.  So proud of us and how much work it took to get through medical school, residency, and now fellowship.  We worked as a team because it was hard for both of us, to be honest...hard to deal with all the transitions, babies, jobs, all of it!  However, I would like to think we did a pretty good job!  Blessed that Jimmy gets to help others in a way he has felt called to for a long time.

Most of the regional department

Family Beach Trip 2017
We went to Holden Beach this year and had a BLAST!  We rode bikes, ate seafood, got too much sun, rode some waves, built sand castles (one of us ate them), ate a lot of snacks, walked on the beach, giggled, napped (mommy even got a 2 hours nap one day!) and enjoyed being together.  
I joked about this not really being a vacation (because, kids) BUT it really was relaxing besides the hour it took to get kids out the door, haha.  We really enjoyed the beach and appreciate all of Memere and Pepere's help...otherwise it definitely would not have been as enjoyable!  

So many things about this picture that I love.

Great view down the beach...

View from our porch :)

3 stooges ;)

Hilarious photo bomb by the wife of the sweet man that offered to take our picture 

Grace is taking after her Memere and LOVES to boogie board
Overall the weather was great, but we did have a few showers.  One forced us in off the beach..it was a powerful one.  
Bocce ball tournament set up
Our family of 5!
Holden Beach has the BEST shaved ice place!

Anniversary Dinner: it's only fitting one of our kiddos photo bombs this moment.  I'll keep it ;)

Cuties on the pier

Daddy won the bocce ball tournament again this year :)

Anna was a good little napper at the beach

Family picture

There was an emergency on our beach island the last night we were there.  We thought there was a drill going on until we saw an ambulance pull in and a helicopter descending into the random field right behind our beach house.  Jimmy ran out to see if help was needed and once Jimmy told them what kind of doctor he was they said, "YES, please help...we need you!"  Grateful Jimmy was there to help but unfortunately the patient passed away later due to injuries from the accident.  It was later published in the local news.  Our hearts go out to the family of the 19 year boy that lost his life.  So many people were there to help this evening.
Post- Beach Trip
Grace went home from the beach with Memere and Pepere for a week so she could be a part of their church's VBS (she's wearing pink crocs in the picture).  It's for rising first graders and up, so the others couldn't attend.  We had a quiet and relaxing-ish week without Miss Motormouth around, but we all missed her.  Wesley had a hard time with her being gone (they share a room) but overall had a great time getting to choose what he wanted to do without being bossed around ;)
Anna is eating all kinds of things with her hands

Wesley, Anna, and I went to the library for a special presentation from some people at the NC Zoo.  They brought some cool animals!  This lady was in the middle of talking about the red-tailed hawk when Wesley blurts out, "Excuse me, do you know that eagles are dangerous in the mountains?"  I think he saw an episode of Paw Patrol and now thinks eagles are dangerous.  :)

Mall fun

Mall fun

These two are peas in a pod.  NO on can make her giggle like her big bro.

Grace spending time in Columbia

Dinner with Memere and Pepere