Thursday, April 6, 2017

March Family Update 2017

March did not disappoint with the never-ending list of things to do but we sure had fun in between :)  Check out the previous blog post about mommy and daddy's getaway to Asheville!  Too exhausted to write anything more, sorry people :)

Anna Ruth @ 7 months

Grace @ 7 months

Wesley @ 7 months





Anna (these two pictures show how similar Grace was to Anna at 7 months, in my opinion!)

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Throwback to Grace being voted little Gamecock of the week!  This was in honor of the Lady Gamecocks winning the national championship in basketball and the men's making it to the Final Four for the first time EVER!

Family Fun Night: Movie night

My three peas in a pod

Instinctively grabs the wheel :)

Wesley's school picture.  Bye bye, money.  :)

Easter Tree: A girlfriend posted something to facebook asking other moms about Lent devotionals for kids or something along those lines and I started looking things up and was inspired to create (or buy) an Easter Tree that will serve the same purpose as the Jesse Tree at Christmas time.  Each week leading up to Lent I created an ornament to add to the Easter tree based off of a devotion series I found.  I'll be posting more about this later with specific ornaments and devotions I found.
Here are a few of the ornaments (symbol and week on front)
Corresponding bible verse on the back

Mommy turned 31 and was spoiled by some good friends :)

We tried Umi out with the was yummy!  The fire was partially scary... :)

Jimmy had promised a daddy-daughter date for her last report card and she reminded him that they had not gone on she asked about a family date to Chuckie Cheese's.

Yoga buddy :)

The sign says "CONGRATS DADDY!" for passing oral boards!!

Miss thing decided to roll to her belly to sleep, now.

Costco buddies

Kind of sums up life right now.  Dirty kitchen, groceries still in bags, laundry everywhere, but heart super full :)

Sitting like a big girl in the bathtub!

Sweet Grace got the fun!

She looks miserable here mainly because she did not want me to take her picture...she has her writing journal and purse on in this picture...she felt good enough to accessorize, for sure :)

Yogurt break outside while the sisters sleep


Herb planting

Wesley at soccer practice

Surprise party for Erin!

Sneak peak (phone picture) of Anna's 6 month photo shoot turned into "kid" photo shoot.  Thank you aunt Lulu!!

Daddy and his little girl

Pre-school time babies

Chalk time

Golf buddies...Wesley LOVES playing golf with Jimmy.  We hope that continues :)

Asheville Getaway 2017

Once a year for the past several years Jimmy and I have been fortunate enough to get away without kids.  We've been to New Orleans, San Diego, one long weekend to the Grove Park Inn and this year we were able to go to Asheville, N.C.  Jimmy mentioned in January that he would like to just "get away" from everything in the midst of studying for his oral boards and I'm a mom of 3 kiddos, handling most of the things on my own (since Jimmy was in the middle of studying for this big exam), so I was like, "YES!"  We found a quaint little cottage with the most breathtaking view of downtown Asheville and getaway is just what we did!  We watched basketball, ate good food, went shopping for my birthday, and went to the Sierra Nevada brewery.  Asheville is FULL of fun things to do but we made sure to be back at the cottage each day by 3 or 4 to take a nap (WHAT'S that???) and just hang out.  It was so refreshing and lovely.  Thank you mom and dad for coming up and keeping our three crazies alive :)  They sure loved their time and were not happy that Memere and Pepere had to leave.

Our view...I mean, WOW!

It's not every day that your husband takes you to an outlet mall and says, "Get whatever you want"  :)
The new-ish Sierra Nevada Brewery (outside Asheville).  This $160 million facility was impressive even to this non-beer fan.  

Their outside area was incredible!  Super family friendly.  Also, lots of bachelor celebrations going on with the games.

Lots of snuggles

Sewing project with Memere

The kids got lots of their favorite foods and quality time with Memere and Pepere.  Thankful!