Monday, January 15, 2018

New Years' Eve Tradition

Last year one of us jokingly mentioned doing a sleepover.  Why not?  I mean, who can get a babysitter on NYE and who wants to be out there transferring kids or driving in general that evening?  There was not much sleep on my end last year (or everyone's to be honest, haha) because Anna decided to wake up a bunch BUT this year was much better! We love the Kittners so much...thank you for hosting us!

Momma Juice!

The kiddos

Sweet Anna Ruth

Dessert...yummo chocolate fountain

Group picture!

A little look into one of our games that evening

December Family Update 2017

This December felt different to me. You see, last year Anna Ruth was only a few months old and we had to slow it down and not go to so many holiday parties or events...transitioning into a family of 5 took time and things seemed overwhelming to me.  We did some things but nothing on overload...I just couldn't.  This year I wanted to maintain close to those same expectation.  We made cookies, did a breakfast with Santa, lights at Tanglewood, and a few other little things at home but in general we said NO to a lot of Christmas-y things.  I am always on "GO", you know?  I have high expectations and can overdo things, so I figured this would be a good thing not only for me and my mental health, but for my whole family.  Turns out I really think it helped.

The first picture from this month is of me trying to do a better job of spending time in the word.  Obviously this isn't the's a Christian parenting book that I've really enjoyed starting.  There are passages featured that point me towards scripture and it also has some teaching aspects that I've really enjoyed.  I have done a little better this month but could improve for sure!

Getting a tree was more of a challenge this year since there seemed to be a lack of selection from our normal place.  We ended up getting a tree from some people selling them off a street near us.

Grace's turn to put the star on

Wesley's turn

Jimmy on the far left and Mike on the far right stepping on the mat for "parent time" at gymnastics.  Good daddies ;)

Wesley and Anna playing together at school...Anna loves babies!

Just a glimpse of what nap time can look like around here :)

Our Advent Jesse Tree.  It lights up when it's turned on and I meant to take a picture after all the ornaments were on.  Such a beautiful tradition that helps all of us focus on the real meaning of Christmas. 

Jimmy randomly grabbed a gingerbread house kit from some store and they all put it together.  And then we ate it a day later.

A surprise snow!  It was the BEST kind.  Started on a Friday evening and was gone by school time on Monday.  There was no ice.  It fell all night and most of the day an was SO beautiful.

My second shot at homemade cinnamon rolls and they were incredible!  Thanks Kelsey ;)

I can NEVER find matching things for these two since Grace is out of the little girls section.  Thank you Old Navy!

What dating looks like 8 years into our marriage.  Wake Forest elite 8 soccer game, I think.

Christmas tree snack fail: I needed regular M and Ms but only had the peanut ones.  The kids didn't care so neither did I ;)

Lights @ Tanglewood

Mommy and Anna Ruth

The other 3 crazies

Giant baby!


Christmas Party time

Breakfast with Santa time

Eating from mixing spoon that was cut off

I copied this idea from a friend and put out drinks and snacks for our delivery men and women during the Christmas season.  One of them wrote a note back this time!

We drove down to Columbia, SC for Christmas this year.  We were able to visit the Riverbanks Zoo which has turned into a little tradition.  We love that place!

Love the sea lion exhibit

Anna and Pepere

Sisters in their "fa la la laama" matching shirts from Memere

This countdown calendar is from when I was a little one.  Grace got to put up the ornament on Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve presents

T'was the Night before Christmas

A present and four clues for their Disney Cruise Surprise

Baby Anna's presents (there are more that aren't pictured, haha)

I happened to wake up before everyone on Christmas morning and snuck a little pumpkin roll and some peach adult drink ;)

They were surprised!

He asked for "a batend (pretend) jet pack" and loves it, despite his facial expression here

Anna likes to give kisses now

Merry Christmas!  He came to us as a baby and for this day we are grateful!  Happy birthday Jesus.  We had a great time of fellowship, food, an fun with family this year.  We did miss uncle Jordan and Jimmy's side of the family!

Back in Winston-Salem and it's still Christmas break.  Off to the Children's Museum we went.  Gingerbread house fun!

Blocking out baby sister

I normally do my grocery shopping online but we HAD to get out of the house.  We ended up having a mostly nice visit to Publix.  Wesley only almost knocked over one glass jar and one cute elderly lady with his cart.  Sigh.

Mommy had a lot of cleaning up to do but if put it all in one room then I'm more more likely to actually put it all away so the kiddos don't destroy anything the next morning.

More Christmas break shenanigans